Get full transparency on interbanking transactions

Imagine what that could enable.
All ingredients are here.
Let us do it.

Operational analytics


  • Extraction and geolocation of free text party data (entity)
  • Efficiency increase of sanction screening process
  • Creates rich features for fraud detection or anti-money laundering


  • Extraction of all agents (roles, accounts, timezones), transaction details, status
  • Enablement of custom events grouping into business transactions
  • Creates rich features for failed trade prediction or asset servicing processes

→ The case for analytics of interbanking transactions



  • Holistic data parsing, enrichment and structuration
  • Unified big data and streaming processing
  • Stateful aggregation over time windows
→ Features of Swiftflow

Cloud or on-premises

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) / Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Planet-scale storage, processing and machine learning services
  • Production ready, support established
→ Integration of Swiftflow


  • Input: SWIFT MT ISO15022 or ISO20022
  • Output: nested or tabular (SQL)
  • Global, standardized, centralized and documented data
  • Rich – describes entities, transactions, business processes, financial flows
  • Suited for machine learning and business intelligence
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